Gypsy Moon - Our Services
Gypsy Moon - Hand Made Trinkets and Treasures
We pride ourselves on offering as many things as our camp can hold! Including, but not limited to: Over one hundred and eighty Herbs, Candles, holders,  & snuffers., Incense, burners, oil burners, & Smudge sticks, Wands, Staffs, Selinite, and Stones., Athames, & Bolines., Tarot Cards, Runes, Pendulumns & Chakra Sets, Herbal Teas, Tea Pots, Antique Cups & Saucers, Unique spoons, & Tea Balls, Chalices, Salt dishes, Morter & Pestals, Cauldrons, Crystal Balls & Points, Bells, Salt Lamps, Statuary, Wind Chimes, Spinners & Trees of Life, Art, Including Japanese & Native American, as well as exclusive pieces only found in our Gypsy Camp., Home & Hearth Decor` including distinctive antiques with new purpose for your life, Wreaths, plaques, wall hangings, dream catchers & spirit catchers, Oil Lamps, Floral Arrangements, Fairy Dust, Bags, Boxes, Purses, As well as olde world shaws, throws, and scarves, Cloaks Available by special order, Beautiful Hand Made Jewelry made from the finest silvers & coppers, crystals, & stones with inspiration from Gypsy and the Goddess. Adorn yourself in our finery to let your inner Gypsy Free! Sky Clad bath and beauty products this month featuring body scrubs and salts, .Unique personal gifts from Willow's Cupboard, lotions, oils, perfumes and more.
Willow & Arrow specialise in Handfastings, Wiccanings, Wedding Planning, & Supplies, Counseling, & Funeral Rites.  
We offer sacred space for your wedding, or handfasting. We offer wedding decor, as well as handfasting supplies.  
Our specialised readings includeOld World, Spirit Walking, Past Life Regressions, Ancestrial Readings, by Tarot, Rune, Pendulum, & Tea Leaves